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Our introductory price for the Musky Tickler is only $11.00.

We are excited to be able to bring you one of the most innovative approaches to inline spinner baits for Musky and Pike.

Bryon's Musky Tickler is hand made by a young man who lives in the middle of Musky country in Northern Wisconsin. His feathertailed inline spinner has two different sized Colorado blades which makes it unique. When the lure is being pulled through the water, the #7 blade spins off balance to the #8 blade. This causes a different vibration and noise which the muskies are not use to hearing or feeling. Just because the blades spin off balance does not mean that the lure retrieves awkwardly through the water. The size difference in the blades is not large enough to effect the action of the lure. The Musky Ticklers pulls through the water just like a double 8 inline spinner.

Another feature that makes these lures unique is the use of hackle feathers. The feathers flare and pulsate through the water creating a profile that "tickles" the Musky's interest.

The Musky Tickler comes in the 12 color patterns shown here.

Color Patterns: Quantity:

The 001 Smoke, 002 Black Perch, 005 Florescent Perch, 006 Black crappie,
008 Black Chartreuse 011 Natural, 010 Flowage Green, 009 Red White
 And 004 Walleye Are Out Of Stock!!!

The Musky Tickler has a .043 stainless steel through wire and is 7 inches long from tip to the end of the 5/0 Eagle Claw O'Shagnessy 4X Strong Treble hook and weighs 1 ounces.

The 'D' size thread used to attach the feathers to the weighted lure body is coated with head cement to prevent unraveling.

Every successful Musky and Pike lure has to be heard, felt and seen...This lure combines all 3 elements!